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Congolese Locations is a web portal that brings web resources for the Congolese community together in a uniform & centralized way.

Designed, developed, tested and built solely by talented Congolese graduates who speak English, French and Lingala. Congolese Locations is here to change the perspective of how Congolese people are viewed around the world. No longer will the world see us as a nation of war, hunger and poverty, but a nation that can provide talented and satisfying services that fulfils humanity and its own community.
Whether you are looking for Congolese restaurants, grocery shops, catering services, photographers, Congolese food, hairdressers and etc.; that speaks Lingala or French. This is the place to find them!

Congolese Locations also provides users with the latest software/apps, shopping and information recommendations that can enhance and simplify their web experience. By providing this free service to Congolese men and Congolese women across the world, we hope it will help the community move forward by staying up-to-date with modern technologies. We hope that Congolese Locations can become a portal where the Bantu people of Congo Brazzaville and Kinshasa can finally free themselves from primitive methods and embrace a far superior and sophisticated process of developing.

Thank you for visiting Congolese Locations and we hope you will have a great experience here!


What can you find?

Congolese Locations is constantly evolving and expanding it's directory that attempts to identify new locations on a regular basis. However, it also looks to provide a simple portal to multiple web resources and functionalities.
You can find the following:

Search - Search is the primary feature that allows you to locate the various services, organisations or businesses that are being provided by the Congolese people. By using the embedded google maps, you can get directions to these Congolese places from your current location. All listings are added for free. You can also be able to find out the latest or past Congolese events, parties, concerts, shows, campaigns, and many more happening around the world.

Store - The store page is our recommended list of top products currently being sold on Amazon. Helping you get the best deals on quality and fashionable products for your personal or business interests.

Games - Within the games section you can find free classic video games which you can play on the go or when you are bored. We have provided this with the ability to play it in French or any other available language.

TV - TV is the most popular feature on here as it allows you to be able to view live TV channels coming from Congo and various other European or African countries completely free of charge. You will be able to view Congolese music, dance, adverts, culture, movies, news, gossip and many more. This helps to bring Congo near you like never before.

News Feeds - The 'News Feeds' page provides you with simple snippets and highlights of information from top Congolese news websites. This feature will allow you to receive the latest information or news coming from Congo Kinshasa and Congo Brazzaville without having to visit each individual websites. There is also a feed for the latest releases of Congolese movies and films (called Maboke or Theatre).

Tools - Tools page provides you with free and open source productivity widgets or software that can help you with tasks or work that you need to do. Rather than visiting multiple websites, you can have a centralised portal where most tools are just clicks away from one single location.

What if you cannot find what you are looking for?

Please do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook so we can find a solution for you.

How to register a location?

Go to our facebook page below and inbox us with the subject titled 'New Location' and include the following details of the service, business or organization:
- Name*
- Telephone*
- Full Address, Postcode, City and Country*
- Full Description*
- Type of business or category*
- Website (optional)
- Picture or Logo (optional)

It's absolutely free and will be added after verifications.

How to update a location?

Send us an inbox with the subject titled 'Update Location' via facebook with up-to-date information about the location. After validation, the location will then be updated.

If a bug is found?

Send us an inbox with the subject titled 'Bug' via facebook with detailed steps of how to reproduce the issue.